Meet The Crew

If you want a safe and smooth charter, look no further than Dove Charters’ Skippers — these capable pros take the helm of our boats to ensure a comfortable trip for all!

Our Skippers have earned their stripes in the world of seafaring: with decades of navigational experience under their belts, rest assured you’re in safe and knowledgeable hands every time you set foot on one of Dove Charter’s boats.

So next time you’re looking for an adventure out on the West Coast waters, let our trusty Skippers lead the way!

Our Skippers

Dove Charters Fishing Trips in Kawhia harbour Aotearoa new zealand team Dwade Pinny 2

Dwade Pinny


I’ve always been the outdoor type, and it is no surprise that fishing has always been in my blood. I’ve been working with Dove Charters since I was 21 – which is a long time in fish years!

I’m now a well-experienced fisherman with more than two decades of knowledge sailing across Kawhia bar and trawling through the Tasman sea under my belt.

I tend to be quite competitive; since there are two other boats for me to compete against, I take great pleasure in being first back to the wharf when clients have racked up their limit with trophy-worthy fish! With safe, comfortable trips out on the ocean undeniably guaranteed, you won’t want to miss this exciting experience.

So what are you waiting for? Get your fishing gear ready and come join me – I guarantee it’ll be an adventure you won’t soon forget!

Dove Charters Fishing Trips in Kawhia harbour Aotearoa new zealand team Dennis Pinny 2

Dennis Pinny

Wild Goose III

Having been with Dove Charters since the start, I am a lucky man to have had the opportunity to follow my passion and be aboard a boat for over forty years.

What truly sets me apart as a fishing charter Skipper is the spirit of hospitality that I strive to offer on every journey out into our beautiful waters. I always make sure to greet my passengers with a warm smile, and I love to engage in friendly conversations about their past fishing experiences or any other related topics.

It has been an incredibly fulfilling journey since I started on the “Dove” all those years ago. The team never thought they would get me off the “Dove” but then Wild Goose 111 came along & since then the Goose and I haven’t looked back.

I can’t wait to see what another few decades as Skipper on the Goose looks like.

west coast fishing trips dove charters fishing trips in west coast new zealand team member Clayton Pouwhare

Clayton Pouwhare

Wild Goose III

Well, what can we say, Clayton is one of those all-rounders that can do anything.

He started with Dove Charters 2018 as a deckhand on the Wild Goose III & successfully completed his skipper’s ticket. Chucked in the deep end saw his first maiden voyage skippering the Clansman with confidence & exceptional skills.

You can now find him Skippering the Wild Goose III alongside Dennis most days. Clayton gets along with everyone & always makes even the hardest fishing days (not that there are many) still fun & enjoyable. He is a valuable member of the Dove Charters family.

Dove Charters Fishing Trips in Kawhia harbour Aotearoa new zealand team Lawrence Puhi 3

Lawrence Puhi


It’s been quite the journey for me ever since I first set sail from Kawhia after years of commercial fishing. Over time, I became part of the Dove Charters’ family as a deckhand, and today, it’s no understatement to say that I am now the proud Skipper of the Dove.

My tales from life on the boat have become legendary in these parts – if you like a good laugh and some extra fun along the way with a successful catch every time you go out, then fishing with me is something you can’t miss!

After all, they didn’t give me fame as an extraordinary storyteller for nothing. Whether it’s taking your fish off or minding those pesky, tangled lines out on the deep blue sea – when you board the Dove, you know there will never be a dull day with me at the helm!

Happy Customers
Good blokes, great day !
Good blokes great day plenty cought and saw some dolphins. Excellent highly recommend.
- Nick Murphy -